Robert Shaw Book

We have been published! See page 270 in Robert Shaw's eye-pleasing homage to the guitar, Hand Made Hand Played — The Art and Craft of Contemporary Guitars — Lark Books. I'm almost a little embarrased to be featured in the same book with some of my all time guitar making heroes.

Carbon Fiber Biscuit Bridges are now available for ukes and mandolins.

"I use the Forbidden Fruit Guitars biscuits (a funny french word!) for my Paris home made reso, and their sound is just great. The carbon fiber gives an amazing sound that you will not find anywhere else, and I have tried a lot including Beard and National. Moreover this is the only place you will find a larger biscuit usable for 12 string as well as for 8 string guitars. The quality is incomparable and the shipping impeccable. Thanks to Forbidden Fruit guitars"

— Julien Bancilhon, Paris France

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